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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"Airplanes" Season 5 - Episodes 70 & 71

Airplanes / Chapter 70
(Season 5, Episode 10)
Episode Title: Maria PART 2
Olivia's POV
"So, if you weren't in Florida, where were you all this time?" Joe asked.
John seemed pretty quiet. He was looking down at the table, where he was fiddling with his Rolex watch.
It seemed as if everyone had resolved their differences sense we arrived in this room... Whatever this room was.
"I can't tell you. I was nowhere... where I was supposed to be." Maria replied, scratching her wrist, which she had been doing for a while, now.
My eyes had switched from the lifeless room to Maria's wrist, where her nails were rapidly scratching.
I could've sworn I saw something red...
"What's that on your wrist?" I asked.
"What?" Maria asked, looking down at her wrist, "Oh. It's nothing." Maria clamped her hand over the scratch, hiding it.
"Let us see it," Joe said, reaching over the table and snapping her hand onto the table.
Maria struggled, trying to free her arm, but Joe was too strong.
"Where did this scratch come from?" I asked, looking closer.
"Like I said, nowhere. I can't tell you." Maria replied, snatching her arm back and hiding it behind her back.
"Maria, if you know anything you HAVE to tell us. I know that you think this is just a game, but this is important." Joe said.
"I don't FUCKING know anything." Maria yelled, standing up from her chair.
"SIT DOWN." John yelled, standing up and taking a step forward her.
Maria immediately collapsed back into her chair, staring at John.
After a few moments of silence, I just couldn't take it anymore.
"Nothing is going on! I don't know anything about anything. Just please, shut up!"
"Well, you're definetly hiding something. WHAT AREN'T YOU TELLING US?"
Maria opened her mouth, but she was interrupted by a voice on the intercom.
"Attention passengers, we will be landing shortly in Orlando."
The two doors swung open, and the flight attendants urged us out.
Maria looked hesitantly at the door, and she ran towards it, tripping out the door.
"DAMN IT, MARIA." Joe shouted.
"Don't," I said, grabbing Joe's arm and pulling him back,  "We'll find this out on our own."
Joe ripped his arm away from my hand, but it was too late. Maria was gone.
"Well, now what are we supposed to do?" Joe asked, "She's not helping us, and no one else can."
"What makes you say that?" John asked.
"Well, Molly's brainwashed, Genevieve's dead, Maria's obviously not telling us anything, and it's not like we can ask any of the people George murdered."
"Well, like I said. We'll find this out on or own, now come on. The plane's gonna land soon." I said.
I led Joe and John back to the door, where we were lectured by a flight attendant, then sent back to our seats.
I was so looking forward to ripping Maria's face off, but when we got back to our seats, Maria wasn't there.
"I hope they pushed her out the door," Joe said, sitting down and slamming open the window cover.
"Come on, Joe. Can't you just let it go?" I asked, sitting beside him.
"How can I 'just let it go'? She is the most seflish, conceided person I have EVER met. She doesn't even care that George killed her sister."
"I know, but that doesn't mean that she's selfish. She's just... dillusional. Or bipolar... I don't know." I said.
I hadn't even realize that our hands had met on the arm rest.
Our eyes both looked at our hands together, and we immediately ripped them apart.
What just happened?

Airplanes / Chapter 71
(Season 5, Episode 11)
With Special Guest Star, Maria Canals Barrera as Molly Hailus
Episode Title: Things Will Never Be The Same
Olivia's POV
When the plane landed, all I remember is yelling at and chasing Maria.
As soon as the gates opened, she had booked it out and now she was likely hiding in some little coffee store.
"Damn it!" Joe yelled from behind me.
When I looked back, I saw Joe covered in coffee. He was sitting on the floor, and a woman wasn't far away from him.
John had just approached them, and he was helping a woman off the ground.
It wasn't until I got to them until I realized who the woman was.
"Molly?" I asked, taking a closer look at the woman.
"Joe, Olivia? What are you two doing here?" she asked, picking up a coffee cup off the ground.
"Uh.. We could ask you the same question." Joe said.
"I kind of expected you would be here, to be honest." Molly said, "You must have heard."
"Heard what?" I asked.
"You know... about the Hah Maw Trey Vet files." Molly replied, leading thr group into a coffee shop.
"Hah Maw Trey Vet? What are you talking about?" Joe asked.
John had gone up to the counter to buy us coffee, so it didn't look like we were loitering.
"Okay. I came out of my brainwash about a month ago, and I started... investigating." Molly whispered, looking around to make sure no one was listening.
"What do you mean investigating?" I asked.
"Well, I had been looking for you guys for about a week, but I decided that if I can't get a hold of you then I might as well make myself useful. So, I broke into the shelter and I
went into this room where George kept police files. Anyway, I started looking through this library and... I don't really know what I was looking for... I just thought I would
look for anything, really. Anyways, I searched through every folder in the room, and I finally came across this one box that had a few folders in it... they were classified as the
Hah Maw Trey Vet files. I guess that there is more then one Resurrection stone." Mollly said.
"No, no. That's not possible. If there are two resurrection stones then that means that George and Andrea can't be killed." I said, hesitantly.
"That's exactly it!" Molly said, "They only have one of the stones. Some other man has hid one of the stones. You see, when the Resurrection stone was first created, this man
stole it from the creator. And I guess the guy was a really powerful wizard, because the Resurrection stone was supposed to be uncharmable, you couldn't use any magic on it.
But this man, he managed to duplicate the stone with it's full power. But the thing is, he didn't want the stone. He wanted to have someone else have it, in the future. So he hid
"Hid it where? Where did he hide it?" Joe asked, as John sat down.
"He hid it in this box... This lock-up box." Molly said, "George and Andrea have been trying to find the box for ages."
"Wait, wait. Hold on. A lock-up box. We got a lock up-box from George's brother, Matt. He drove us to the airport in New Jersey." John said.
"So you have the box?" Molly asked, excitedly, "Do you know what this means?"
"It means that we have the second Resurrection stone."

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