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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

'Airplanes' Episodes Will Return Tomorrow !

Our hearts stopped, last week when navystardust12 announced he might just stop airing episodes of Airplanes, without publishing a proper ending. But, we have just received confirmation that the series will return tomorrow, with an all new episode. The new episode will be called The Tale of Three Brothers and will be the series' 68th episode. It will be the eighth episode of the fifth season. The episode's plot goes as follows:
More information about the Book of Changes and the Resurrection Stone are revealed.
The episode will be a George and Andrea only episode. It will not feature Joe, Olivia, John, or the deceased Genevieve. It will only feature George and Andrea.

According to navystardust12's recent announcement, the fifth season will have 13 episodes. The following episode's titles and airdates go as follows:
Season 5 - Episode 8 "Tale of Three Brothers" May 25th, 2011
Season 5 - Episode 9 "Maria (Part 1)" June 8th, 2011
          Season 5 - Episode 10 "Maria (Part 2)" June 28th, 2011
Season 5 - Episode 11 "Things Will Never Be The Same" June 28th, 2011
Season 5 - Episode 12 "Everything That Goes Up" June 29th, 2011
Season 5 - Episode 13 "Me Without You (Season Finale) Part I" June 29th, 2011
Season 5 - Episode 13 "Me Without You (Season Finale) Part II" June 30th, 2011
The season six premiere is currently slated for August 25th, 2011.

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