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Monday, March 26, 2012

"Airplanes" Season 6 Premiere - Episode 75

Hello, everyone! It's time for the long-awaited and anticipated Season 6 premiere of Airplanes. This episode was written on May 14, 2011; ten months ago, and now you're finally getting to see it!

Airplanes / Chapter 74
(Season 6, Episode 1)
Season 6 Premiere (Final Season)
Episode Title: I Won't Let You See Me Fall Part I (Season Premiere)
With Special Guest Star, Miley Cyrus as Anna and David Henrie as Luke
-August 1992-
Luke observed Anna as she sat up high on a tree branch, swinging her legs back and forth and watching the sunset.
It was a beautiful tree, a cherry blossom tree that's strong branches stuck out like warm, welcoming arms.
And it was a beautiful evening. A crisp, August night.
The tree was set on a hill of beautiful green grass that overlooked the glorious city of Amberdale, New Jersey.
From here, the glistening lake could be seen, along with the Fincancial district... the residential district...
And Trenton could be seen, if you looked close enough.
And the best thing of all is that it was Anna and Luke's special place. They came here, alot. They were the only ones that knew about it.
Or so they thought.
Anna changed her gaze from the sunset to Luke, as he quickly, flawlessly climbed the tree, and sat next to Anna, putting her arm around her.
The two smiled, as they watched the golden-brown sunset slowly fall under the horizon line. It was glorious. Flawless. Just like them.
Within a few hours, it had grown dark. The silver moon had replaced the sun.
And the lights from buildings scattered the city, perfeclty conducted into a visual orchestra.
Luke gracefully climbed down the tree, while Anna took a rough landing.
"Ouch," Anna said, grabbing her leg, "I hurt my ankle."
"Oh," Luke said. He immediately swept Anna off her feet, pressing his lips against her's. They smiled, and Luke carried her down the hill.
Moments later, they were on Vernon Street, a small side street that led to a pathway, that led to Glen Plaza.
Glen Plaza was the couple's favorite place to go, with their favorite restaraunt, an Ice Cream shop, and a small coffee store with the best cappucinos.
But Vernon Street was long. And quiet. And during the night, even Luke had to admit he was frightened walking down it.
But the street had a terrible past.
A few years back, a man kidnapped three children, and he kept them in his basement, for a few weeks.
One night, he finally decided to kill them, but he made sure to do it in the most terrible way, possible. He tortured them, first.
It was all very unsettling, and it made the value of all the houses on the street plummet.
It was house number 387 that it had happened in. The house was still abandoned, it had been sense the murder.
The windows were all boarded up, because kids would try to get into the house. Once, a few kids managed to.
They brought in a Ouija board, too and they claimed they had an encounter with a spirit named Thomas.
Luke had done research on it, and it turned out that a 12-year-old kid named Thomas was one of the ones who were murdered.
Finally, they reached the house. Anna didn't even stop to look at it. She just looked forward, speed-walking.
"Come on, Luke!" Anna shouted, turning around and realizing Luke wasn't coming, "I just want to get home."
Luke turned to Anna, waving her over.
Anna took a deep breath, and slowly walked towards Luke. She turned, as well. The two stared at 387 Vernon Street.
Luke grinned with adrenaline, "I think we should go in."
Anna looked at Luke, her mouth open. "No! I am not going in there!"
"What? Do you honestly believe in ghosts?"
"Of course not. But, do you know how much trouble we could get in?"
"So? We'll sneak around the back, take one of the boards off, climb in, look around, and get in. It'll only take like five minutes."
Anna breathed in, and then quickly looked around. "Fine," she replied, "But we're getting a cab, home."
Luke smiled, and the two proceeded towards the house.

Part 2 of the Season 6 Premiere is coming soon!

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