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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Navystardust begins editing for "Our Darkest Days", sets premiere date in stone

Today, navystardust12 began editing his brand new voice over series Our Darkest Days and announced the official premiere date of the series; after it has been moved from late March to early April, to late April, to early June several times.

"I am happy and excited to confirm that the series will be premi√®ring close to the original date - it will premiere on April 12, 2012," Navystardust12 said in an email to First Stop News, "That date has been set in stone, I will be notifying the cast along with sending out the Episode 2 script, tomorrow."

The series premiere will be held LIVE on USTREAM on April 11, 2012, while the episode will be uploaded to YouTube on April 12, 2012. During the live airing of the premiere, viewers will be encouraged to tweet with the hashtag #OurDarkestDays , and their tweet may appear in real time during the broadcast. Navystardust12 said that if a viewer is able to capture proof that the hashtag is trending in any country or city, the series will be renewed for a second season immediately.

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